Old – Materials and Finishes

Both sensible and attractive, Amoré’s designs surpass conventionality.

MATERIALS – A variety of metals, glass and combinations.
  • Steel Steel
  • Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
  • Copper Copper
  • Brass Brass
  • Bronze Bronze
  • Glass Glass
  • Zinc Zinc
  • Pewter Pewter

Define or complement any style in your high-end designer kitchen.

Paired with beautiful design, exceptional craftsmanship is a key component to creating high-quality showpieces. Amoré constructs meticulous designs in America with the finest materials from all over the world. From a warm brass ambience to modern glass sleekness, Amoré can bring any vision to life.

Using the finest materials from all over the world, Amore’s selection of materials and finishes offers the kitchen and interior designer a dazzling array of choices and creative solutions. Going for a rustic old-world personality? A hammered bronze range hood finish might work.

At Amoré Design Factory, great design goes hand in hand with exemplary craftsmanship. From installations that resonate with classic European ambience, to the excitement of a true modern showplace, we can realize any vision; be it metal or glass, gleaming or rustic, smooth or textured.

The patina finishes shown are also just some of the options. Amoré Design Factory craftsmen are patina artists and experts. We can create patina finishes of many variations, tones, and colors. We manufacture using a wide range of materials, and these are some of the choices. Powder coating options are endless, and we offer color matching.

Contact us today to find out how we can use our materials to create the range hood of your choice!

FINISHES – Unlimited choices and combinations.

Stainless Steel Range Hood Finishes

  • Stainless Steel Polished
  • Stainless Steel Non-Directional
  • Stainless Steel Hammered
  • Stainless Steel Brushed

Brass Range Hood Finishes

  • Brass Polished
  • Brass Non-Directional
  • Brass Hammered Antique

Bronze Range Hood Finishes

  • Bronze Brushed Finish
  • Bronze Non-Directional

Copper Range Hood Finishes

  • Copper Polished
  • Copper Non-Directional
  • Copper Hammered Antique

Powdercoat Range Hood Finishes

  • Powdercoat Cool Grey
  • Powdercoat Evergreen
  • Powdercoat Neptune Blue
  • Powdercoat Black
  • Powdercoat White
  • Powdercoat Rose Pink
  • Copper Vein Powdercoat Finish
  • Silver Vein Powdercoat Finish
  • Powdercoat Admiral Blue
  • Powdercoat Red
  • Powdercoat Lime Green
PATINAS – World-class craftsmen can create unique, custom finishes to match your style.
  • Brass Antique Light
  • Brass Antique Medium
  • Brass Antique Dark
  • Bronze Antique Light
  • Bronze Antique Medium
  • Bronze Antique Dark
  • Copper Antique Light
  • Copper Antique Medium
  • Copper Antique Dark
  • Stainless Steel Antique Light
  • Stainless Steel Antique Medium
  • Stainless Steel Antique Dark
  • Zinc Antique Light
  • Zinc Antique Medium
  • Zinc Antique Dark

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