Designer Range Hoods

If there is a heart to a home, it is the kitchen. No other room beats a warm, rhythmic pulse of stories, love and cherished family experiences. It's here where the one-of-a-kind artisanal craftsmanship of Amoré displays the centerpiece of that kitchen. A beautiful, custom-designed range hood-inspiring conversation and crafting a family legacy.

Sleek California style, coastal cool and a taste for the good life turn any kitchen space into a room with a great view.

The unmistakable mark of the master crafter. The dramatic allure of a cherished heirloom that draws the eye, hushes the room, and assumes a central prominence in your home.

For the proactive chef, this top performer is the workhorse of the team; an asset that can handle anything you're ready to grill.

A strikingly retro design recalls an amazing age of industry and innovation with modern efficiency that makes for max functionality in any setting.

With its elegant lines and bold trim, the Chalet delivers an unforgettable range hood inspired by French cuisine.

A vintage that's correct with any cuisine and a favorite that speaks of Tuscan sun and Old World ambience.

Both contemporary and cleanly functional, this 21st century classic weds the bold geometrics of the modern cityscape with the sophistication of the great metropolitan home.

Aerodynamic aesthetics and a breathtaking sweep put this stylish wall-mounted classic in tune with any kitchen environment.

Bold and versatile, frankly functional, this classic slope design takes on a new prominence within the 21st century kitchen.

Classical continental elegance comes alive in a new age of handcrafted excellence as the timeless appeal of the Old World hearth steps up to meet the dazzling flavors of the modern global village.

Smart geometrics of the big city skyline make for a breathtaking view from the heart of your contemporary home.

Hyperstylized design and superior engineering blend to create a new and dramatic twist on a classic kitchen performer.

The foundation of the sleekly contemporary, world-class kitchen is a solidly efficient unit with superior performance that doesn't cut corners.

This king and patriarch of kitchen fixtures for the home delivers a high performance and professional quality with sleek, fine edges engineered with precision.

Sharing elegance of the Monarch and commanding attention with a soft, organic front trim, the Regis bestows a distinct style of sophistication.

The Sierra balances sweeping curves with riveted strapping producing a unforgettable range hood that is both rugged and elegant.

Economical in its profile, expansive in its function and capability.  A space-saving "bullnose" design allows superior Amoré engineering in a more compact area.

The Tudor-style charms of London's Soho district are evoked by this performer with a classic European feel.

Peak performance. The apex of efficiency. A compactly contemporary design that places Amoré engineering at home in any space, any setting.

An innovative continental design employs both beveled corners and voluptuous curves, for a modern classic that can truly command the center of attention.

The multicultural influences of the City of Canals meet the modern European aestheic in an elegant design that's an asset to the great contemporary kitchen.

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